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Parker Coppins is a youth motivational speaker who uses his life experiences to inspire today’s youth to connect with their passion and work hard to achieve their goals.

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Who is Parker Coppins?

Parker Coppins, better known online as ParkerPlays, is a successful YouTuber, actor, entrepreneur and host of the popular Disney television series 'Parker Plays.'

After discovering his love for entertaining in middle school, Parker and his mom moved to LA when he was just 15 so he could pursue the Hollywood dream. After a few years of hardships, he found his footing on YouTube as “ParkerGames”. He accumulated over one hundred million views, and over one million followers across social media. His YouTube success led him to Disney, where he was fortunate enough to be able to create his own show about gaming called Parker Plays. He is also a successful, self-learned entrepreneur. His passion for business has led him to incredible achievement in creating viable, self-sufficient businesses. He is now working on his fifth company.

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Youth motivational speaker, Parker Coppins is dedicated to inspiring today’s youth to live their best life.

Parker Coppins knows how to connect with an audience. He understands the challenges today’s youth are facing and serves as a role model for young audiences across the country. Parker inspires his audience to embrace the exciting opportunities that are available in modern society and to follow their heart to find happiness and purpose.

His energetic blend of comedy, theatrics and personal life stories create unique presentations that yield lasting results. His presentations encourage, inspire and challenge youth to take control of their lives and work hard to achieve their goals. Consider Parker for school assemblies, conferences, retreats, orientations, and much more.

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