Parker talks about a wide variety of issues that pertain to today’s youth. His entertaining speaking style immediately grabs the attention of students of all ages. Some of Parker’s speaking topics include:

Hard Work = Success

The best things in life come with hard work and doing things you love makes that hard work more fulfilling. Inspiring youth to work hard and follow their dreams is one of Parker’s passions. Parker challenges his audience to get past their self-doubt and dream big. He motivates kids of all ages to live a life of purpose. Using his own life experiences, he serves as an example of what is possible if you work hard and follow your dreams.

Overcoming Depression

Today, too many kids’ lives are lost to depression because they don't see a way out. This is often too heavy of a topic to talk about publicly. However, as someone who has dealt with depression, Parker wants others to know that they aren’t alone in their feelings and that help is available. Parker shares stories of his personal battle with depression to alleviate the social stigma around mental health issues and encourages help-seeking by those who may be struggling.

Social Media for Good

Social media is BIG among today’s youth. There is no getting away from it, BUT that could be a good thing. Parker launched his career using social media and went on to start five successful businesses with the help of the internet. This so-called “epic time-waster” provides young people with a wealth of resources and opportunities right at their fingertips. Parker provides valuable insight on how to harness the power of social media and the internet and use them to achieve purpose, fulfillment and success.